Time to Spring Clean Your Home

With spring well and truly here, now’s the time to spring-clean your home. It won’t take much time or energy to completely transform your house if you take note of these tips.

Fresh Paint

A touch of fresh paint gives rooms a dramatic new look especially if you use a light colour. Be daring and use a bright colour for a crisp finish and bring the sun into the home.


A good idea is either to remove or replace some of the furniture. Many people have way too much clutter in their homes so by taking out chairs or tables, means there’s more space available. Improve the look of a lounge by replacing an old coffee table or that ever-so comfy, saggy armchair to breathe new life into the place. 


If you’re a hoarder or collector, it’s quite difficult to discard your precious items. De-clutter! Store some of your collectibles to make room so you have more space to enjoy. You can always keep the best things you enjoy looking at. By putting them in different spots will make a huge difference to any room.

Many people tend to keep old newspapers, books and magazines. Throw them away or give to friends so you aren’t deluged with paper. If you can’t bear to get rid of paper stuff, store it in a bookcase, magazine rack or storage stool.

A Pop of Colour

Lastly, once you’re happy with your spring-cleaning changes, add a pop of colour to each room. Maybe you prefer neutral colours, if so, go for a bright colour like yellow cushions to welcome this new season.