Time to Spring Clean Your Home

Time to Spring Clean Your Home

With spring well and truly here, now’s the time to spring-clean your home. It won’t take much time or energy to completely transform your house if you take note of these tips.

Fresh Paint

A touch of fresh paint gives rooms a dramatic new look especially if you use a light colour. Be daring and use a bright colour for a crisp finish and bring the sun into the home.


A good idea is either to remove or replace some of the furniture. Many people have way too much clutter in their homes so by taking out chairs or tables, means there’s more space available. Improve the look of a lounge by replacing an old coffee table or that ever-so comfy, saggy armchair to breathe new life into the place. 


If you’re a hoarder or collector, it’s quite difficult to discard your precious items. De-clutter! Store some of your collectibles to make room so you have more space to enjoy. You can always keep the best things you enjoy looking at. By putting them in different spots will make a huge difference to any room.

Many people tend to keep old newspapers, books and magazines. Throw them away or give to friends so you aren’t deluged with paper. If you can’t bear to get rid of paper stuff, store it in a bookcase, magazine rack or storage stool.

A Pop of Colour

Lastly, once you’re happy with your spring-cleaning changes, add a pop of colour to each room. Maybe you prefer neutral colours, if so, go for a bright colour like yellow cushions to welcome this new season.

Plywood – How to Use it In Your Home?

Plywood – How to Use it In Your Home?

Do you enjoy trying new ideas for your living space? Have you tried plywood for interior design? Plywood is a well-known material in the interior design industry. This is because it can be used to make several things in the interior of your home. If you would like to see some of the best ideas to try with plywood, keep reading this piece to gain more insight.

How to Use Plywood in Your Home?

Plywood has got several uses, and you can try a hundred ideas using this material. The best part is that this material can be used anywhere inside the house, from the living room to the kitchen. As long as you have an excellent plan and already have a picture of how you want to decorate your home, all you need is getting the right amount of plywood material to complete your project. Here are some of the ways to utilize plywood.

1. Shelves

Plywood shelving is very stylish and simple. If you have limited space in your house, plywood shelving could be a great solution. It helps you utilize the space by giving you smart storage areas, where you can store your books, pictures, cassettes, etc.

2. Walls

If you need to separate your space into two rooms, you should consider using plywood. It is eye-catching and gives the room that classy look you always want. With this design, it should be done by an expert for it look attractive and modern.

3. Cabinets

Cabinets are usually expensive because of the installation process, design, material to use, etc. To cut down on price, include plywood as the material. Plywood is much more affordable compared to wood. All you need is to find is a good plywood designer to make you something nice. Check out these iconic designers on https://journal.tylko.com//5-iconic-designers-plywood-furniture/ who are dedicate to using plywood material in their work.

4. Ceiling Finishes

If you want that cosy atmosphere in your bedroom, plywood is an excellent solution. It is cheaper and brightens your room when combined with natural lighting. Ensure to select a good plywood colour depending on how you want to decorate your room. You can also use plywood for furniture, lamps, staircases, etc.

Why Use Plywood?

If you want to decorate your room on a budget, plywood is a great choice. Besides, you can use plywood almost everywhere around your house. The material is lightweight, flexible, easy to install, and can always be reused.

Another factor is that plywood can blend well with the interior of your house if carefully selected. On top of that, a good design will give your home an elegant look.

Where I Can Buy Furniture Online?

Where I Can Buy Furniture Online?

This past year has made us spend a lot of time indoors and our houses have become offices, gyms, schools, bars, restaurants and literally everything. This year has given us a chance to refresh and shake off the blues that came with the pandemic. With just a few scrolls and clicks here and there, you will have bought furniture to revamp your home this year. Not to mention you would have saved a ton of time moving from one store to the other just to find the right piece. Then afterwards you have to worry about getting the furniture to your home from across town. How daunting! We have a list of online stores you can shop right now and this will save you the hassle. So keep reading.

ABC Carpet & Home

This is the right place to learn the ABCs of designing your home and transforming it to something beautiful. This store is known for its exquisite rugs which can instantly transform your floors. The furnishings are also stunning no matter the size or shape. You can shop specific items for different rooms or find a match for your favorite piece.

Lulu and Georgia

Décor is part and puzzle of Lulu And Georgia so let them into your houses and let them transform your spaces. The shopping experience on this site is pleasant and easy. The items are sorted by rooms and then by need, which makes finding an item that you would like to purchase very easy. You can go to the living room section to search for couches and sectionals before making your way to the bedroom category to find the dresser of your dreams.

Bath & Beyond

As the name suggests, this store has everything you need beyond your bedroom and the tub. It is a one-stop-shop for remaking any room in your home. They offer free shipping making your refinishing experience easy.

One King Lane

Regardless of your location, One King Lane is totally dedicated to transform your spaces into something that you will love for a long time. Get rugs, accessories, outdoor furniture and vintage pieces that will truly make your home sparkle.


With Tylko organizing your items has never been any simpler. They have a variety of items ranging from shoe racks, shelves, TV stands among many other items that could transform your space. For more ideas check out https://tylko.com/

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